Bye Meryl is PERFECT.

And I’d totally ship her with Austin if he didn’t wear his damn cowboy hat so much and look like an idiot. They looked cute together on da ice but I can think of a different man I’d like her to get on the ice too. 

Hi everyone 👋


Now that I have a bunch of people following me I thought I would introduce my self a little :) My name is Megan, I am 17 years old and I will be a senior in high school in the fall! Also, I live in Massachusetts. I have been obsessed with Maksim Chmerkovskiy since I was 12 (Erin and Maks’ season). I loooove Meryl and Maks and I hope they get married 😉 I am 100% on the Maksyl ship. And I am completely honored to be part of the Fam.

Hi I’m Holly, I’m 16, live in New Zealand and dog agility is my fave thing in the world and I have two dogs named Maggie and Skylar